OuDance Festival | Naïf Production: Des Gestes Blancs

Dance Theatre|Contemporary dance|Young audiences

Dance duo for an adult and a child - a creation intended for family audience (children from 7 years old).

A duo of a man and his son approaches physically to the notion of paternal bond, of filiation. Together, they explore the figure of a father and that of a child. All that is left to do is to dance without making any additional fuss. White Gestures shows a couple that, through the imbalance of their forces, tries to find precision, discovers the desire to play with each other, coyly takes a chance on tenderness. A dance where the image of one is but a reflection of the other, distorted in time and space.

A project initiated by Sylvain Bouillet | Dramaturgy: Lucien Reynès | Artistic advice: Sara Vanderieck | Performers: Charlie Bouillet & Sylvain Bouillet | Light design: Pauline Guyonnet | Live electro & sound scape: Christophe Ruetschires | Co-production: Les Hivernales CDCN d’Avignon, Le Cratère – Scène nationale d’Alès, CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Le Pacifique CDCN de Grenoble dans le cadre de (Re)connaissance 2016 | Support: KLAP, Maison pour la danse de Marseille, Agora Cité internationale de la danse de Montpellier. DRAC PACA, Ville d’Avignon | Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre in collaboration with Oulu Theatre | Recommend age: 7+ | Duration: 45 min.

OuDance Festival

Mirabel White


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Pikisali, Oulu Theatre

Kaarlenväylä 2, Oulu