OuDance Festival | Willman Dance Company: Empress’s New Clothes

Contemporary dance

Empress‘ New Clothes is a fresh, humorous dance theatre show that comments on consumerism.

The days of the Empress’ are filled with all kinds of nonsense. Clothes are changed constantly and the party of consumption is endless. Despite of all the lovely things around her the Empress seems to be unsatisfied. Could the two fashion designers of a top brand offer her a relief in her unsatisfaction?

A timeless classic story is updated to our time. The performance reflects our individual and media centered consumption culture where a constant to be seen is like a lifeline. Empress’ new clothes is filled with movement and kittenish music. The dance theatre piece expands into a versatile performance experience by the environmental education themed photo exhibition of the gallery space and media education workshop.

Choreography and concept: Marjaterttu Willman
Dancers: Jonna Aaltonen, Heidi Tiainen, Heidi Lehtoranta, Natalia Oksanen and Emmi Pennanen
Light design: Ainu Palm
Sound design: Petri Peltovako
Costume design: Aapo Siikala
Set design: Marjaterttu Willman, Aapo Siikala
Production of the visit: JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre
Duration: 40 min

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Mirka Kleemola


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Hallituskatu 7, Oulu