Riveria, Dance education Outokumpu: RELOAD 5.0

Contemporary dance

RELOAD 5.0 involves a visit from solo dancers of Riveria’s dance school, Outokumpu, to the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.

RELOAD 5.0 involves a visit from solo dancers of Riveria’s dance school, Outokumpu, to the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland, Kuopio. The stage is taken over by the four dancers. These solo works premiered in Outokumpu’s theatre, Kiisu, in February 2021. The leading instructor is Katariina Vähäkallio.

The performance was made possible by the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland and dance training, performance technique training and sound production training from Riveria Outokumpu.


TOISEN JÄTE ON TOISEN ETÄ-J is both a collage in motion and a journey of exploration through the body’s engrams. It is an opportunity given to all those moments which wanted to rise to action once again.

The worlds of this performance have been born in collaboration between sound designer Ilari Kuronen and lighting designer Ronja Hyttinen.

In the dance, Mäkelä is extremely interested in the endless potential of the body and mind, as well as visions and travelling via associations to different worlds, emotions and spaces. “One person’s trash is another’s essential raw material.”

Jaakko Fagerberg: Rontti


1) anti-social man or male semi-criminal
2) tom cat which is no longer a kitten but has not reached sexual maturity yet

Source: translated from original entry on urbaanisanakirja.com

During the solo process and performance, Fagerberg has been interested in staying put in the present and restoring oneself to the present as well as giving birth and cutting off the loops of the past and present. The focal point of interest and reflection has been the manners of one’s own behaviour in general and in a social setting such as your own role in different situations and the need to be funny. Health was also a large part of the process; the body’s potential and capability at times when one should probably have had a proper rest. Now they have rested.

Choreography, dance: Jaakko Fagerberg
Sound design: Sisu Sieppala
Lighting design: Juho Kaunisto

Mikael Kuosmanen: Stressistä Vapautumisen Harjoitus (Stress-reliving Exercise)

”May all beings be happy”

Mikael Kuosmanen is a human body from Vantaa. He is interested in the experential examination of the process of creation through different art forms. The production of the solo performance was kicked off by the desire to work alongside music and dance without having a predetermined starting topic. He does not necessarily strive to address a specific theme per se in his artistic process, but rather towards creating conditions via art for the possibility of liberation and the ambiguous experience of being in a moment.

As the performance’s debut drew closer in February, Mikael realised nevertheless, admist the rising stress levels that he was reflecting particularly on thematics which liberate physical and mental tension, giving rise to the performance’s title. Can the performance serve as an exercise for performers as well as the audience to break free? The format of the performance which he has envisioned at its best is to give an opportunitiy to bring different people together into a certain space near something that is shared together but experienced from their own positions.

At the moment when Mikael was writing the performance script, he was inspired by nature, breathing, enjoyment, a small second-long interval, recognising the weight of the body, Buddhist teachings, the animalistic tendencies of humans, muscle training, calming down, sexuality, the different existence forms of water, touch and smiling.

Choreography, dance: Mikael Kuosmanen
Music: Mikael Kuosmanen – Nosluon Lepianol no.1
Lighting design: Tommi Kariniva
Assistant: Jesse Ojajärvi, Henna Havu
Photography: Odessa Koskela

Nella Matleena Savolainen: Now I know what nothing is

“I remained alone, at the bottom. I want to scream. I scream. I want to break boundaries. I break. I examine humanity in loneliness, at home, at the bottom, nowhere. I articulate my body, fumble with my intrinsic existence. I am here, now, for you all, for myself.” – Nella Matleena Savolainen

Choreography, dance: Nella Matleena Savolainen
Composer: Petteri Enroth
Lighting design: Jenna Reinikainen

Riveria, Outokummun tanssin koulutus: RELOAD 5.0.
Thursday 8.9.2021 at 7pm
ITAK stage, Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio

Duration: about 90 minutes

Tickets 10 € / 5 €
K9 -card 2 €
ITAK season card

Online shop is closed and ticket sale at the door is opened 30 min before the performance.

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