Sibiry Konate: Unelma – Rêve

Contemporary dance|Premiere

Dance and music performance that deals with West African culture standing in between tradition and modern times.

Unelma – Rêve (“Dream”) is a dance and music performance that deals with West African culture standing in between tradition and modern times. The performance features nine artists from West African backgrounds, both musicians and dancers. They are originally from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Guinea, and have now settled in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The performers tell us their country’s story. Through the traditional arts of West Africa the viewer will also get a glimpse of the present of these cultures and their presence in the Nordic countries.

The performance starts with a celebration that introduces the viewer to three different African cultures. The traditional stories of the three countries are told through rhythm and movement. In the second part of the performance, the borders between the cultures blur as the performers find a common language and dream.

Unelma – Rêve shows us how West African culture is influenced by Nordic society and how its expression changes because of the cultural exchange. Also Finnish culture gets richer because of the new influences. How does one’s identity change in a new country and how do different cultures and new traditions shape Finland? How can we adapt to a new country and new culture without abandoning our origin?

Unelma – Rêve celebrates the diversity of African culture and its rich dance and music tradition. The work leads the viewer on a journey through three West African countries.

Choreography, direction: Sibiry Konate
Performers: Alkhaly Camara, David Dioubaté, Sibiry Konate, Guirassy Mansare, Absa Mbaye, Mamadou Ndoye, Lassina Ouattara, Mbacke Niang ja Alya Yattara
Lighting design: Anttoni Halonen
Producer: Inari Pesonen
Production: Sibiry Konate Company, Culture Hub Interkult
Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation.

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