Side Step Festival 2023 | Eleanor Bauer, Chris Peck: BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC


BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC (feat. Doctor Dance and Professor Peck) is a talk show, variety show, shit show, parlor show, all or none of the above and also an experiment.

Hosted by dance artist Eleanor Bauer with musician and composer Chris Peck, BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC is a space and time for whatever seems most important now and not later; an occasion to practice the unknown, to share the musings and amusings that decorate life and need a place to go at night so they don’t cause insomnia; a container for the things that end with “you heard it here first.”

Everybody has a story so let’s hear it, and talk is cheap so let’s spend it. No talk is also an option for special guests who prefer to sing or dance.

Each performance is uniquely prepared and improvised according to the current time, place, guests, and interests. BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC is a fixed quantity of time aimed at maximum quality time.

Created and performed by: Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck

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Tjumur Dance Theater


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Cable Factory's Konttori

Tallberginkatu 1, door A, Helsinki