Soft Practice Collective: Blob in FIC Festival

Contemporary dance

Blob is an experimental participatory performance. The piece is built together with the participants in the performance moment. Blob is a gentle incendiary speech, that tumbles, spreads and drains in the performance space.

It’s possible to attend Blob as a participant or as a spectator. The piece is recommended for those over 12 years old. In the performance we adhere to the principles of a safe space.

Soft Practice Collective is formed by the dance artists Elsa Heikkilä, Anni Puuperä and Satu Rinnetmäki. They have been working together since the Fall of 2019. Blob is their first artistic work together. The aim of the Soft Practice Collective is to research and develop artistic work through softer interaction, dialogue philosophy, and safe space principles. The collective dreams of being able to work long-term, developing a practice that acknowledges the different needs of the working group and builds a kind of working culture where wellbeing is prioritized.

Soft Practice Collective:Blob


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Theatre Universum

Perämiehenkatu 13 , Helsinki