Soininen & Heinonen: Bye Mr. Balanchine / A Little Room For Maneuver


Two Solos performs the works of two dance artists Tuulia Soininen and Emma Heinonen. The solos handle body image of women and the search of finding your own place.

Bye Mr. Balanchine is a solo about a woman’s and dancer’s body image by dance artist Tuulia Soininen. The piece gives a gentle middle finger to ballet choreographer George Balanchine (1904-1983). Balanchine is recognized to have created the body ideal for dancers to be long limbed, linear and alarmingly skinny. Throughout the piece Soininen navigates through personal experiences, body ideals and the dance world. Is it possible amongst all this to hear and appreciate one’s own body?

A Little Room for Maneuver is a solo by dance artist Emma Heinonen. The performance is about experiencing space as a physical place, as a mindset and as a social structure. The piece asks where there is empty space, who is filling it and is there room for maneuver between people and things? Heinonen handles the theme with personal experiences, physical movement and playfulness. The work is a movement conversation where a human is shrinking as well as making room for herself.


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Ylipistokatu 58D, Tampere