Susanna Leinonen Company: TOXIC

Contemporary dance

TOXIC is viciously stunning dance about the addictive world of social media.

TOXIC lives for attention. It’s obsessed with clout and influence. In TOXIC, the body exists solely to create value.

TOXIC pleases and thrives. It shapes its very essence according to the desolate demands of the society. It exploits the power it possesses without a sense of quilt or shame. TOXIC invades both the individual and the environment intrusively.

The viciously stunning piece plays its malicious games while maintaining flawless image.

TOXIC is a product of our brutal times.

CONTENT WARNINGS: sexual abuse, body shaming, fat phobia, eating disorders, suicide.

Concept and visuality: Susanna Leinonen and Sari Nuttunen
Choreography & movement: Susanna Leinonen and the dancers
Music: Vincenzo Lamanga, Puce Mary, Nicholas Britell, Forest Swords, Mozart Jones, Hans Zimmer, Justin Timberlake, Béla Bartok, Max Richter & Jóhann Jóhannsson
Costumes, masks and wigs: Sari Nuttunen
Seamstress: Suvi-Tuulia Pajunen
Video: Ville Seppänen
Dancers: Emmi Hakala, Camilla Keihäs, Elina Lindfors, Aaron Saira and Tatiana Urteva



Roosa Oksaharju


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Alexander Theatre

Bulevardi 23-27, Helsinki