Tampere Theatre Festival | Kati Raatikainen & team: Quartet

Contemporary dance

Four people on stage, four unique ways to sense the world and function as part of it, four human beings letting their uniqueness drive their movement, experiencing each other, dancing, listening to the sounds of the world.

Materializing from the thoughts and emotions of performers Maria Lahti, Jarmo Patana, Sanna Tornikoski and Markku Essel, Quartet highlights individuals who enjoy living, being seen and claiming their space. It makes a tenderly radical point about the rights of people who are regarded as disabled – the right to perform as contemporary dance artists, the right to act as members of society, the right to sense, to want and to desire. It is a work that rises from pure presence, intimacy and joy, and then builds into a profound expression of respect for life.

Choreographed by Kati Raatikainen

Sound design by Markku Essel

Scenography and light design by Milla Martikainen

Costume design by Roosa Marttiini

Performers Maria Lahti, Jarmo Patana, Sanna Tornikoski, Markku Essel

Photos Ulla Nikula

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Hämeenkatu 25, Tampere