Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X: 10 years celebration festival

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Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X celebrate 10 years of being a foreign ALIEN, GO-GO dancer and dance ambassador for Odense.

Back in 2011, the Finnish-born but Danish-based choreographer Taneli Törmä chose to establish himself with his company, Location X in Odense. Over the past 10 years, more than 40 different dance projects have been created there by Taneli and his guest collaboration partners.

Through a 10-day dance festival with 8 different dance performances, an exhibition and dance workshops for both adults and children, Taneli Törmä will once again make Odense dance and the citizens of Odense will find free dance in unexpected places in Odense.

The exhibition
From Thursday 11 to Saturday 20 November 2021, the Kunstbygningen Filosoffen gallery will be filled with dance.
Through dance videos, paintings, photos and sound installations, the exhibition documents the many activities that LOCATION X has done the past 10 years in Denmark and aboard. In particular, the large and very well-documented DANCE ALL YEAR LONG residency project what happen in 2018-2020 in Odense, DK and 2020-2021 in Kokkola, FIN.

Location X’s own performances
In connection with the festival, LOCATION X presents three very different dance performances.

ALIEN a dance performance created for 10 professional Odense-based dancers for Steve Reich’s iconic composition, ‘Music for 18 Musicians’. ALIEN can be experienced in Kunstbygningen Filosoffen gallery seven times between 12 and 20 November 2021.

SURVIVORS a choreography for 2 actors, one from Finland and one from Denmark, the audience is invited to take part in a tragicomic and choreographed tour around the hamster wheel, what we call life. SURVIVORS is an international collaborative project between Danish LOCATION X and the Finnish theater group Studio Total and will have its world premiere in Copenhagen, October 2021. SURVIVORS can be experienced twice in Dynamo, Thursday 18 and Friday 19 November in a double bill program with Norwegian Hilde I. Sandvolds solo, GRÄTT.

DISTORTION a solo what has been created in collaboration with Finnish sound designer Esa Mattila, Taneli Törmä goes back to his time as a Go-Go dancer, and challenges the audience to throw themselves into the dance with him. DISTORTION will be performed in connection with the electronic music event, Odeology, and can be experienced at Dynamo on Saturday 20 November.

International guest appearances

In addition, LOCATION X has asked 5 international guest artists to take part in celebrating the dance in Odense.

Hilde I Sandvold’s (NO) solo performance GRÄTT, which will be presented together with SURVIVORS at Dynamo.

The following performances can be experienced site specific locations in the streets of Odense:

Anna Ting Nissen Bech (DK) and Viljar Irtun Moe (NO) duet SNART DER
and Eleni Pierides (FIN) working progress solo UNARMED.

In the Kunstbygningen Filosoffen is listed
Antoinette Helbing (DE) solo LAUGHING GAME and Constantin Georgescu (ROM) solo TACTILE TALK.

There is free admission to these four site specific performances.







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