Zonk’a: Essence & Mira Kautto: Station to Station to Station

Contemporary dance

The night of two performances presents Russian ZONK'A's performance Essence ja Finnish Mira Kautto's performance Station to Station to Station

ZONK’A: Essence

Essence – (from Latin essentia) a basis, the principal entity of a subject, an extract. The performance highlights the idea of a Human Being and it’s three main characteristics – a biological (an physical body), a personality (a social role) and an identity (individuality). There is no other creature who would experience the derived emotion, traditions, ability to think, claim, deny, consider, plan; who knows about the mortality, loves in the real sense of this word, has a sense of humour, realizes the intentions, reproduces existing things and creates something new. Searching for selfness is the task of building a personality, the essence of existence of a human.

This performance was nominated for the National theatrical award “Golden Mask-2018” in 4 categories: the best performance, best work of choreographer, the best female and male role. Also the performance got special prize of Sverdlovsk festival-competion of theatrical works in Yekaterinburg. January 2018 this work was presented in the Dance Round Table festival in Taiwan and around 12 times in many cities in Russia.

Choreographers, dancers: Anna Shchekleina, Aleksandr Frolov
Music designer: Konstantin Mikryukov
Duration: 22 min

Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov are independent Russian contemporary dance artists and teachers. In 2010 they are graduated from the Contemporary dance Department of the Liberal Arts University in Yekaterinburg. After the University within two years they worked as dancers in the international project “Na Grani” of French hip-hop company S’Poart.

Since 2011 they participated as independent dance artists in many collaboration projects and residencies in the USA, France, Israel, Finland, Norway and throughout Russia. After graduation they also work on development of own project Zonk’a. During that time they have created over twenty dance performances. Six of them are performed by them and others have been done for different dance companies including the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Range of their works: from miniatures to full-night performances, from site specifics for streets and art galleries to performances on a big scene. Their works have been presented in the USA, France, Finland and throughout Russia. The performance “My Love / My Life” was nominated for the National Theatrical Award “Golden Mask” of season 2014- 2015 in category “Contemporary Dance / the Best Performance”. Also the performance “Essence” is nominated for the award “Golden Mask” of season 2016-2017 in 4 categories: “Contemporary dance / the best performance”, “The best work of choreographer”, “The best female dancer” and “The best male dancer”.

Mira Kautto: Station to Station to Station

Mira Kautto’s new solo performance Station to Station to Station on simultaneously a sight of the future and a memory rising from deep down one’s mind. The performance dreams by using pieces of past and the different shades of darkness, the views glancing on boundaries of the sight.

In the performance the artists want to travel in time, change the experience of the past by bringing something to the present, or by being somewhere far away from it.

On this journey there is one performer (Mira Kautto) who at least every once in a while might be someone else; Timo Kaukolampi with his electronic live sounds and Jenni Pystynen with her sceneries, which can be weather an intuition of future or a picture of past.

Supporters: [DNA], Great Amber concert hall, festival Homo Novus, Kekäläinen & Company, Ehkä-tuotanto, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse sr, Zodiak – Uuden Tanssin Keskus

Mira Kautto is dancer and a choreographer from Helsinki. Station to Station to Station is Kautto’s fifth solo performance that continues the artist’s work within dancing and intuitive movement of body. In addition to her own work Kautto performs in the works of other artists and works with other assignments on the field of dance.

Kuva: Ville Hyönen / Mira Kautto: Station to Station to Station


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Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio


19.00 - 20:00