Dancing Finland 2017

Dancing Finland 2017 is a national dance project and event which offers dance activities for everyone. The campaign is a part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017. The idea behind the campaign is that dance is possible for us all.

Dancing Finland kickstarted on 6 January 2017. The campaign was launched with dance challenge at www.dancingfinland.fi. There are six different dance challenge choreographies: ballet, street dance, contemporary dance, couple and folk dance, show dance and ‘own dance’. Anyone can learn these – dance skills are not required.

To participate in the dance challenge, you choose one of the choreographies, learn it by yourself or together with anyone, shoot your performance and upload the video to the social media. You may also invite other people to join the challenge.

Dance challenge choreographies are created by talented and skillful dance artists and pedagogues: Akim Bakhtaoui (street dance), Ida Jousmäki (show dance), Marina Tirkkonen (ballet), Panu Varstala (contemporary dance), Petri Kauppinen and Marjukka Koivuniemi (couple and folk dance) and Pia Lindy (own dance).

Dancing Finland will come alive in 2017 in social and traditional media and in various events all over Finland. 100 professional dance teachers are educated to teach dance challenge in different places and environments from kindergartens and schools to work places and elderly homes. Anyone can book the dance challenge teacher to get more inspired by dance – or donate a dance challenge teacher to places that can not afford one.

We invite all the Finns, Finland’s friends and all the people in the world to join us and the dance challenge. Our mission is to inspire people to dance!