Finnish-Russian Dance Exchange Programme

Dance Info Finland has suspended all institutional collaboration with Russia for the time being (March 2022).

In 2014 Dance info Finland together with the Embassy of Finland in Moscow started the project, which aims to establish a more intensive cooperation between Russia’s and Finland’s contemporary dance scenes.

Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme has increased the collaboration between Finnish and Russian dance companies, organizations and dance artists, for example in sharing information and know-how, education and dance events.

The events for meeting each other and networking have been arranged for Finnish and Russian dance companies and artists, which have led to long-term cooperations.

During the programme new partners interested in cooperation have been found both in Finland and Russia. In addition,  suitable places and organizations have been mapped out for organizing workshops, choreographer exchanges and open discussion sessions .

By the end of the year 2016 collaboration has been carried out in six cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kostroma, Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk. In 2017 the collaboration is continuing with Telovidenie Festival in Kazan, Diversia Festival in Kostroma, Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg, Centre of Contemporary Arts in Yekaterinburg, Moscow’s ZIL-centre, Kannon Dance and ByeByeBallet. The programme is also looking for new partners.

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Producer of Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme
Anita Parri,

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11.2.2016 Results of Finnish-Russian contemporary dance collaboration

Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme is carried out by Dance Info Finland in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in Moscow with the support from Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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