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Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platforms present Nordic contemporary dance to hundreds of dance presenters from around the world. The next platform will be in Helsinki 2022.


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ICE HOT Helsinki 2022

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform is organised in Helsinki on 9-13th of February, 2022.

Hundreds of presenters, festival and venue directors, agents and cultural actors from all over the world are welcomed to Helsinki to see cutting-edge Nordic contemporary dance works and meet Nordic artists.

Artists and works from all Nordic countries are selected through an open call, opening in March 2021. The programme will consist of live performances, More More More pitch presentations of dance artists and their works, seminars and networking events.

ICE HOT Platforms have been organized in Reykjavik (2018), Copenhagen (2016), Oslo (2014), Helsinki (2012) and Stockholm (2010).

The Helsinki 2022 platform is organised by Dance Info Finland and in collaboration with Dance House Helsinki, opening in 2022.

Important dates

March 2021 Nordic artists: Call opens

March 2021 New website opens

May 2021 International presenters: Registration opens

Autumn 2021 Programme release

A sustainable platform event

Ice Hot Nordic Dance aims to increase working opportunities of Nordic dance artists. A longer term aim is to strengthen and develop the Nordic dance field and its structures in a more sustainable direction.

Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 will be organised as a sustainable, responsible and climate friendly dance platform. We aim to minimize the carbon footprint of the event and maximize the impact of the platform to the selected artists and the whole Nordic ecosystem for dance. The sustainability policy of the event is published in Spring 2021.

More information:
Manager of International Affairs Katarina Lindholm,

ICE HOT Nordic Dance is a collaboration network that promotes the visibility of Nordic dance abroad. Besides organizing the Platforms, it has also organized residency exchanges to North America and Europe, exported collaboration know-how to Asia and explored different opportunities for collaboration around the world.

Dance Info Finland is one of five Nordic partners in the ICE HOT network and was responsible for organizing the Helsinki Platform in 2012. The other partners are Dance House Stockholm, Dance House Oslo, Dansehallerne, and Ice Hot Reykjavik.

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