JPN – FIN – Contemporary Dance Residence Exchange and Co-production programme

Dance info Finland has been actively networking with Japanese dance professionals since the year 2002. The networking resulted in collaboration between Zodiak- Centre for New Dance and Japan Contemporary Dance Network in 2011-2012.

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The report of the programme

Kosei Sakamoto: Haigafuru. © Uupi Tirronen

Kosei Sakamoto: Haigafuru. © Uupi Tirronen

Zodiak– Centre for New Dance carried out Residence and Co-production Programme with Japanese Japan contemporary Dance Network (JCDN). The programme was born from active networking actions of Dance Info Finland: Dance Info Finland has created collaboration opportunities between Finnish and Japanese dance professionals since 2005.

As the final result two pieces of work were born: HAIGAFURU-The ash is falling by Japanese choreographer Kosei Sakamoto for Finnish dancers and KITE created by Finnish choreographer Ervi Sirén with Japanese dancers.

The residence exchange programme in 2011-2012 was carried out in collaboration with Full Moon Dance Festival, Dance Info Finland and Bird Theatre Festival. The Programme was supported by Japan Foundation and Saison Foundation.