The summary of dance statistics for year 2016

Finnish dance companies were touring internationally more often than previously, and almost 70,000 spectators saw Finnish performances abroad. Nevertheless, the total amount of spectators (434,000 in 2016) for Finnish dance decreased slightly.

During 2016, 40 Finnish dance companies gave 221 performances, in 34 countries around the world. They attracted almost 70 000 spectators abroad, which is the record number in five years. One third of these performances were in the Nordic countries.

However, the total number of spectators for Finnish dance decreased from the previous year by twenty thousand. The dance performances in 2016 were attended by 434 000 spectators in total. In addition to that, more than 60 guest performances  from abroad were shown at  festivals and big venues in Finland, and they attracted  40 000 people altogether.

Dance artists are making more and more art based activities which are not called performances. This can also be seen in the statistics: over 65 000 people participated in audience development and community dance projects of independent  dance companies.

Also, the number of dance film screenings’ spectators are increasing (nearly 5,700 spectators). Foreign, feature films that are distributed commercially or dance film broadcasts are not included in these statistics.

It can be estimated that dance art reached over half a million people in total last year in Finland One must keep in mind that there are only 5,5 million people living in Finland.  

And this figure does not include dance classes or dancing as leisure activity.

The statistical information was collected from over a hundred of dance groups and choreographers. Professional dance activities, especially the number of companies and choreographers have grown strongly in recent decades. Twenty years ago the statistics were compiled on the basis of only 30 dance companies in Finland.