Dance statistics 2017 in short

Increase in touring opportunities and more active audience development gave immediate results for Finnish dance companies. Finnish dance reached last year over a half a million people – in the form of performances, community dance and dance films.

Year 2017 showed diverse ways of making and experiencing dance in Finland. Increase in audience development, community dance and touring, and the international success of Finnish dance films marked the dance year 2017.

Finnish dance performances were attended by 428.000 spectators in total, 56.000 of them abroad. 126.000 people participated in audience development and community dance projects, and dance films were seen by 17.000. Approximately a hundred guest performances from abroad were shown at festivals and big venues, and they attracted almost 30.000 people. Altogether, this means nearly 600.000 spectators for dance.

The total number of performances given by Finnish dance companies and production centres has been quite steady during several years: nearly 3.000 yearly performances. In 2017 the number was a little less, 2.757.

Private and public projects enhancing the touring possibilities in Finland had an immediate impact on several independent companies. Compañia Kaari & Roni Martin and Susanna Leinonen Company, as well as Ismo Dance Company, experienced an important growth.

Finnish dance films experienced a wide international distribution in 2017. The record number of spectators for Finnish dance films, total of 17 000, was three times as much as previously – and the majority of them outside Finland. Cold Storage, a film by Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio, was awarded at several film festivals and got 115 screenings.

The statistical information was collected from 138 dance groups, choreographers, regional centres, festivals, and theatres that are active in Finland.

Read the more detailed summary of the dance statistics for 2017 here (pdf).