Dance statistics 2018 in short

Independent companies and freelancers produce half of the dance performances in Finland.

The total number of performances given by Finnish dance companies and production centres has been quite steady during several years: nearly 3 000 performances per year.

The number of performances by independent companies and freelance artists increased in 2018. They gave almost as many performances as the government funded companies but they reach smaller audiences than the latter as they often perform in smaller venues or unconventional spaces and sites. The statistics include more than 100 independent companies or freelancers and 13 government funded companies.

All in all, over a half a million people were engaged in dance in 2018 in the form of performances, audience development, community dance, or dance films produced by active dance companies, regional centres, or freelancers. Nevertheless, the total number of spectators decreased slightly from the previous year. The sector is very vulnerable and easily touched by alterations and changes in the operational environment due to lean basic resources for dance art.

During 2018, 27 Finnish dance companies toured in 28 countries, and attracted almost 30 000 spectators with 143 performances abroad.

Third of the international performances took place in nearby countries, in Scandinavia, Baltic countries and Russia. The biggest audiences were nevertheless in the United States, Canada, France, and South Korea.

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