Dance statistics 2019 in short

Half a million people see Finnish dance every year

The total number of performances given by Finnish dance companies and production centres has been quite steady for several years: nearly 3 000 performances per year. All in all, over half a million people were engaged in dance in 2019 in the form of performances, audience development, community dance, or dance films.

The number of spectators increased slightly from the previous year as did the number of first premieres (159) but this did not result in more performances. A big part of the new works that premiered were produced by independent choreographers or groups, and they were performed only a few times.

During 2019, 21 Finnish dance companies toured in 22 countries and attracted almost 28 000 spectators with 97 performances abroad. The year 2019 is thus a record low touring year.

Exceptionally, the UK as a country had the highest number of performances (19) of which majority were part of  Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Almost as many performances were in nearby countries, Scandinavia, Baltic countries, and Russia all together (22). The biggest audiences were nevertheless in Belgium, Germany, Russia, and in the United States.

The statistical information was collected from more than 140 dance groups, choreographers, regional centres, festivals, and theatres active in Finland.

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