Training course : Sense and Sensibility in Poland


We are searching for one more Finnish participant to join our project- a training course on Sensory Labyrinth Theatre, in Poland, in September. All the costs conected to the participation are covered by EU.
We need a person that is preferably into theatre and education/social work.

Date: 15-24 September 2017
Duration: 9 days+1 travel day
Place: Kazimiez Dolny, Poland (to be confirmed)

With 33 participants from 10 partner countries (Poland, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece) we will explore, in a unique, sensorial travel, the meaning behind creative citizenship.

We will use corporeal and sensorial communication, learn the importance of play, understand the wisdom beyond ancestral rituals and traditions, and practice silence as a necessary condition for communication.

We will investigate the relationship between body memory, sensorial languages and theatrical creation and learn how we can apply the Sensory Labyrinth Theatre methodology in our own community.

Inspired by the work of Theatre Anthropologist Enrique Vargas, and further developed by director Iwan Brioc, Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is a participative arts process that leads to the creation of a one time, unique performance. In Sensory Labyrinth Theatre there is no easy line that can be drawn between the audience and the players. The stage is everywhere including in the shared moment, so the observer and the observed become one. The “spectators” are invited to take an active role as they become travelers in a symbolic and oneiric journey.

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