8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Helsinki


We welcome you to the 8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research, NCCPR 2017, held in Helsinki in the end of August (23-25.8).

The conference theme focuses on questions around migration, nation, and the theory and practice of cultural policy.

The NCCPR is unique as a multidisciplinary meeting place where practitioners and researchers from a wide variety of disciplines can address issues regarding cultural policy, from standpoints which are relevant both to academic research and to the cultural sector.

The central questions of the conference address the new realities the Nordic countries face and the challenges of the future nordic cultural policy.

Through the conference we aim to facilitate discussions on the roles of cultural policy in a time when trends such as globalization, increasing migration and changes in media and communication influence society and politics in new ways and create new roles for arts and heritage.

More information can be found in english on the website: http://www.cupore.fi/en/information/nccpr-2017

Information på svenska hittas på konferensens hemsida: http://www.cupore.fi/sv/information/nccpr2017

Together with the Unit of Cultural Policy in the University of Jyväskylä and other partners, we at the Centre for cultural policy research Cupore hope to see you in August!