Action/Notice -workshop with Theo Clinkard in Turku 1.-2.12.2018


The Days – hanke, Tanssikoulu Tanssitiimi ja Turku Dansart ry presents Action/Notice -workshop with Theo Clinkard from UK

Joulukuussa 2018 Suomeen saapuu upea brittiläinen koreografi Theo Clinkard, joka tulee työskentelemään kahden suomalaisen tanssitaiteilijan, Maria Nurmelan ja Ville Oinosen kanssa hankkeessa The Days (Ensi-ilta Porissa Tanssikuu-festivaalilla 10.12.2018).

Projektiin liittyen Theo pitää 2-päiväisen työpajan Turussa esittävän taiteen ammattilaisille ja sitä opiskeleville, sekä oman, kahtena päivänä toteutuvan kurssin tanssin harrastajille.

Kurssit toteutetaan yhteistyössä turkulaisen tanssin taiteen perusopetusta antavan Tanssikoulu Tanssitiimin, tanssin ammattilaisten toimintaa tukevan yhdistyksen, Dansart ry:n, sekä The Days-hankkeen kanssa. Kurssit järjestetään Tanssikoulu Tanssitiimin tunnelmallisessa salissa Tuureporinkadulla, Turun yhdinkeskustassa.

Varmista paikkasi ajoissa!

PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP: 1.12. klo. 14-17 JA 2.12. klo. 14-17 
ILMOTTAUTUMISET sekä lisätietoa:

KOKO KURSSI 80e / dansart jäsen, 100e / ei jäsen
1 päivä 45/55e.

This workshop will begin with a class that invites dancers to bring attention to their perceptive experience of the space, each other and themselves to find greater lucidity in action.
His class begins with a range of sensory exercises balanced with led movement patterns that consider alignment and the many dynamic connections within the moving body. Set to some great tunes, each class uses a mix of exploratory work and devised combinations, finishing with phrase work and/or group improvisations that encourage connected, articulate and expansive dancing.
Dancers are then invited to embody, witness and discuss some of the ideas and practices that lie at the heart of Theo’s new duet work, ’The Days’. Whilst his creations have specific concerns that relate to each new context, each piece fundamentally acts like a portrait of it’s cast and his process centres around bringing visibility to the people inside of the action. Theo’s workshops aim to illuminate the spectrum of tools available to dancers, so that their perceptive subjective experience can reveal themselves in each moment. Theo is passionate about cultivating generous safe spaces for genuine experimentation and connectivity for all those that attend.


Theo regularly leads professional intensive workshops and masterclasses internationally, including engagements in Chile, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, United States, France, Spain, Cuba, Italy, Finland and Norway. He regularly teaches morning classes for companies, including Carte Blanche, Cullberg Ballet, Skänes Dansteater, Yuval Pick (CCN Rillieux-la-Pape), Danish Dance Theatre, Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch, D.V.8., Sydney Dance Co., Michael Clark Co, Scottish Dance Theatre, New Adventures, Candoco Dance Company, National Dance Co. Wales, Ballet Boyz and Rambert. He also leads technique classes, workshops and creates work at training institutions, including P.A.R.T.S, London Contemporary Dance School, New Zealand School of Dance, Ballet Junior de Genève, S.E.A.D., Sydney Dance (Pre Professional Year), The Rambert School, C.N.S.M.D. Lyon, ACTS Paris, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Trinity Laban. In 2019 he will create work and lead classes at La Salle in Singapore.


Based in the UK, Theo spent 20 years as a performer before launching his own company in 2012. His current practice spans choreography, pedagogy, performance, design, movement direction and actively initiating dialogue around the nature of the art form. Through his choreographic work, Theo has swiftly built an international reputation for creating compelling and visually arresting works that explore the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance. His works span small to large scale theatres as well as non theatre settings and he has received invites to tour throughout the UK and internationally (Chile, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany) as well as presenting pieces at British Dance Edition (Edinburgh and Cardiff) and at the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2016 (Düsseldorf). Past company work includes Hell Bent (2012), Ordinary Courage (2012), Of Land & Tongue (2014), Chalk (2014) and This Bright Field (2017). Theo’s commissioned works include Somewhat still, when seen from above (2015) for Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch and The Listening Room (2016) for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba. He is currently planning a series of duet scores for non-theatre and gallery spaces, a new group work that will not be performed for 100 years and a new commissioned work for the inclusive dance company, Candoco.
Theo is an Associate Artist at Brighton Dome, Dance4 and an Honorary Fellow of Plymouth University.