ADAM Artist Lab 2019 (Taiwan): Performing (with/in) Communities: Relations, Dynamics and Politics


ADAM Artist Lab 2019 – Open Call
”Performing (with/in) Communities:  Relations, Dynamics and Politics”

Founded in 2017 by the Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan, Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM) is a new initiative dedicated to fostering cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary exchanges between artists from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

ADAM features the collective residency program Artist Lab, an invitation for artists to meet, exchange ideas and invent new collaborative possibilities. Following the residency, artists are invited to publicly share their research with both local and international arts professionals and audiences at the Annual Meeting program. ADAM has continued to support projects developed in the Artist Lab including the IsLand Bar (2017), which premiered at the Taipei Arts Festival in 2018. Artists who have participated in ADAM have been also invited to return as guest-curators.

In 2019, ADAM’s Artist Lab will be curated by Natsuki Ishigami (JP), entitled “Performing (with/in) Communities: Relations, Dynamics and Politics”. As a socially-engaged theatre maker, Ishigami proposes political issues revolving around community-based art through the Artist Lab, bringing together artists to rethink modes and methods of working with communities.

ADAM Artist Lab 2019
22 July to 18 August 2019 (including the ADAM’s Annual Meeting 15-18 August)

What does it mean to make art through engaging communities? What kind of relationships can be possibly created between artists and communities?

In practices of community-based art, at the beginning it’s very often that artists play the role of visitors outside a given community, even they both might technically live in the same society, locality or belong to the same community. The difference of cultural and social understanding and background has triggered dialogues between both parties and become materials that artists would work with.

While approaching communities, artists usually can’t stay as outsiders and it comes with political and emotional issues, such as how artists involve or intervene themselves in communities and how both parties impact each other. During the process, not only artistic boundaries between life and work would be blurred, but also personal and social. There have been an ever-present danger and uncertainty of emotional politics, for example.

The process is kind of performative when artists remain as outsiders and engage with communities as a part of it at the same time. This in-between status of personal vs. professional relationships, voluntary cooperation vs. exploitation and the democratic vs. the autocratic can be fictional meanwhile physical, depending on how artists and communities perform. When projects are done (and artists leave), sometimes impacts remain longer to continuously shape communities beyond the presentation of art works.

This year’s ADAM Artist Lab will be dedicated to exploring the methods of making community-based art as well as the organic and open-ended relationship between artists and communities.

Key questions include:
– What makes the relationship between artists and communities possible to be equal and collaborative?
– How can they start collaboration, and how can they end it?
– What makes art art through working with communities?
– How can art attach and detach relationships with the society?
– Who and where is the audience?

Through the Lab, artists from different disciplines and with diverse cultural profiles will be sharing cases and experience to think and work together, furthermore, doing research on and interviewing actual communities in the city Taipei.

How to apply

Artists from all kinds of disciplines, with or have had community-based art practice and are interested in collaborative research, are invited to apply. There are no eligible requirements related to age, career level, nationality or the city in which the artist is based. Selected artists are asked to make a commitment to being present for the entire residency period.

The deadline for the application is 21 April 2019. (GMT+8). Selected Artists will be notified at the beginning of May, 2019.

What we offer

1. An economy-class travel ticket to and from Taipei
2. Working fee including living allowance
3. Accommodation for the entire residency period (arrival on 22 July and departure on 19 August 2019).

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