Arc Art Residency in Switzerland


Arc Art Residency (Switzerland) > Custom-made residency 2018
Arc is an artist residency situated in the village Romainmôtier, in the mountain range in Switzerland. It is a place for reflection and dialogue that allows exchange and collaboration in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Artists and experts from different backgrounds are invited to the place over time, become true accomplices, cultivate their ideas, take their work forward, and develop a curiosity for new discoveries through shared activities.

Custom-made residencies are periods of up to one month for research and reflection, without the pressure of production. A custom-made “package” is put together for each artist (or other practitioner) or group of artists. There can be an individual accompaniment by the Arc director and other external specialists if required for the artistic work process.

Artists are actively encouraged to apply with an idea for research and to engage with experts from other disciplines, as this practical and productive process allows them to widen both their networks and their fields of investigation.

Besides the work space and the above-mentioned support, Arc offers travel, accommodation and food for custom-made residencies.

Deadline for application: no later than 2 months before the starting date of your residency.