Art Inside Out: Residency based on concept of critical tourism (Sweden)


The Swedish organisation Art Inside Out is offering a residency with the theme ‘Other choreographies, new spaces’, based on the concept of critical tourism.

We are all tourists. Our desire to escape daily life and reality leads us to seek out unfamiliar places and situations. Issues such as threats to the climate, immigration and the pandemic, are now affecting the way we move and travel. New contexts and overlooked stories and details create other relationships, and other choreographies and spaces. Can a new kind of attention make way for changes within ourselves and our view of a place?

The residency’s theme is inspired by the book and the project Tourists Like Us. Critical Tourism and Contemporary Art Practices. Can the following pairs of opposites, taken from this publication, help us reflect upon such notions as place, identity and travel?

Gaze/Bodily involvement.
Getting there/Getting lost.

Submissions from Swedish and international artists in all art fields are welcome. The residency holds a special interest in microhistory, a study of the overlooked detail where the starting point can be a place, an event, a group of people or an individual.

Art Inside Out will invite four artists for a 12-week residency in 2021. The residency schedule is as follows: research (28 June – 11 July 2021), production & presentation (30 August – 7 November 2021).

Each accepted artist will receive equivalent to 138,000 SEK (~13,000 EUR; F-taxable, exclusive VAT, paid by invoice) for a 12 week long residency, and a production budget of 20,000 SEK (~1900 EUR). The artist is responsible for paying applicable taxes in their home country. Art Inside Out covers associated costs such as travel, housing, workspaces and process management.

Two artists will be primarily situated in Kungsbacka, and two in Halmstad. The artists will have the opportunity to work independently and together. The residency will conclude with public presentations of the artistic processes in Kungsbacka and Halmstad and other locations in Halland and Sweden. Public meetings will be held regularly throughout the residency.

Deadline: 29 October 2020

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