Asia Culture Center ACC_R: Residencies 2020 Open Call (South Korea)


ACC (Asia Culture Center) in Gwangju, South Korea is a research and creation platform to promote the exchange of creative works and interdisciplinary research through ideas explored within the culture and arts of Asia and the world. ACC is inviting researchers and creators (performing artists, art & technology artists, designers, scholars) from across the world to participate in the ACC_R Residency programmes in 2020.

There are five different programmes:

ACC_R Fellow: For researchers or experts who have a history of distinctive studies on Asian culture. (May – October)
ACC_R Theater: For theatre and performing artists who are working on a contemporary theme related to Asia. (August – October)
ACC_R Creators: For creators working in the field of art and technology. (April – October)
ACC_R Dialogue: For experts and academic researchers in the field of humanities, society, natural science (philosophy, literary criticism, sociology). (April – October)
ACC_R Design: For graphic designers and artists who can develop ideas about Biophilia (the idea that humans innately seek out connections with the natural world) inspired by motives such as ecology and wellness. (April – October)
The exact support varies by programme, but all residents receive a grant for living expenses, workspace, project support (where applicable), accommodation, and a round-trip airfare.

Deadline: 10 March 2020

More information: