Audition: Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School


Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School offers:
– 3-Year Diploma Programme 2019-22
– 12-weeks Intensive Postgraduate Programme Spring & Autumn 2019

Auditions Winter/Spring 2019 

Where: Copenhagen (DK), Rome (IT) and Livorno (IT)

When: 18 February, 1-3 March and 8-9th March 2019 for Diploma-applicants and individual audition for Postgraduate-applicants

Deadline for applications: 3 weeks prior audition

A strong focus on dance as a craft, physical abilities, continued artistic reflection and practical management skills make Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School a strong point of departure for future job takers and job creators within the international dance community.

Costs for participants: 550 DKK

Contact details:

For further information, please visit