Auditions: Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (3 year diploma programme)


Where: Enghavevej 82, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark
When: 21st of May and 12th of June

Deadline for applications: 5 days prior the audition date

3-year Diploma Programme
The goal is for the students to develop into highly skilled and aware dancers who can take full charge of their own development and handle their careers as professional dancers and artists for a long career in the future.

The finest task of Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to support the international group of highly ambitious dancers who wish to develop their full potential, gain profound technical and artistic skills and knowlegde and attain a long and distinguished career as company- or freelance dancer and artist internationally.

This combination gives the students the opportunity to both immerse themselves in dance as a craft and to use Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School as a creative and network building point of departure for the future.

How to apply:
Step 1: Applicants apply to participate in the audition by sending:

Application form (see link below) and insert a link to your online video (uploaded on fx youtube, vimeo or alike) of
• Presentation and motivation of why you wish to educate at CCDS 3-year Diploma Programme
• 5 minutes excerpt of contemporary class
• 5 minutes excerpt of classical ballet
• 2 minutes of improvisation
• 1 minute solo

Step 2: We will evaluate your material and inform you by email if you are invited to participate in the audition as soon as possible.

Step 3: If you are invited to participate in the audition, the audition lasts for up to two days with possible call back for the 2nd day. The audition consists of contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation, performance practice, solo and interview. Each applicant must prepare a one-minute solo without music. Applicants might be asked to participate in an interview. Please prepare for the interview by reflecting upon the following questions:

• Where are you in your dance career right now?
• What goals do you have for your dance career, both short term and long term?
• What are your strong mental qualities?
• How do you contribute with an open and positive mindset?
• How do your describe your working mentality?

Step 4: Applicants will be notified of their admission or non-admission to the course shortly after the audition and latest two weeks after.
Should you be accepted to join the programme, please accept your place by paying the first instalment of the course fee within 3 weeks.

Application 3-Year Diploma Programme
Costs for participants: 190 kr

Contact details:

For further information, please visit