Avoin haku: Choreographic Coding Lab in Mainz, deadline 19.8.



Are you an artist working creatively with code and digital media and interested in movement or contemporary dance? Then come join the next Choreographic Coding Lab which is the first that will take place at Motion Bank’s new home base Mainz . It is hosted by Motion Bank, Kunsthalle Mainz and the Staatstheater’s tanzmainz dance ensemble on September 24th–28th, 2018 .

The project brings together dance, fine arts and research in order to explore issues arising from the exchange of knowledge between genres. Between Us explores the way in which the information is communicated and modified in three disciplines, three approaches and three aesthetic formats.

The week will be accompanied by the Motion Bank team, co-directed by Scott deLahunta and Florian Jenett, who will share perspectives and experiences from the Motion Bank research.

The CCL will result in an open lab session on its last day. Experts, project partners and the interested public will be invited to look behind the scenes, test prototypes and ask questions.

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Apply and Join CCL Mainz!

Please apply sharing some thoughts on your interest in the lab, the skills and qualifications you will bring as well as some starting points and ideas for working in the lab. Collaborative teams involving coders, choreographers, object, sound and filmmakers interested in the Motion Bank research approach are very much encouraged to apply.

Participation in the CCL is free, but a selection will be made to ensure the right balance of participants and what they bring to the lab including specialized software and hardware for working with movement data. The space and basic equipment (projectors and cables) will be provided, any specific equipment needs to be carried by the participants. Motion Bank will provide access to the Mainz University of Applied Science’s markerless motion capture system by “The Captury” during the week for experimentation.

Apply here: http://choreographiccoding.org/content/apply-ccl-mainz-between-us-1-september-2018

Deadline: August 19, 2018.