Avoin luento: Overview of Russian contemporary dance Helsingissä


Paikka: Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu, Auditorio 1 (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki)
Aika: pe 10.11 klo 10.00-11.30

Curator and researcher at ZIL culture centre (Moscow, Russia) Anastasia Proshutinskaya will keep a lecture about Russian contemporary dance field.

This talk is about current dance artists in Moscow and beyond, an attempt to share their voices and practices via images, fragmented videos and some curatorial spoken word. This talk is also about layers of local context in which dance is being created: institutional context, social context, theoretical context. Without an ambition to present any complete picture or consequent history, it traces different generations of dance artists that coincide nowadays. Most of all, this talk is an experiment: what will resonate, what will appear to be relevant to you?

Anastasia Proshutinskaya, curator and researcher at ZIL culture centre (Moscow, Russia).
MA in Art Theory and History, Moscow State University. MA in Performance Studies, Illinois State University, USA.