Black Box Dance Company are seeking professional dancers, both male and female


We require passionate, versatile dancers with a strong physicality, high level of technic and composition-improvisation skills, as well as an exceptional stage presence and artistry. We greatly appreciate dancers who are dedicated, creative, curious, courageous, good colleagues, responsible and who enjoy artistic challenges, dynamic work process and a variation in production types. There is NO minimum requirement for previous work experience.

Contracts are available.

Where: Copenhagen and Holstebro, Denmark
When: 1st of December and 2nd of December 2018

Deadline for applications: 29th of October 2018

Black Box Dance Company
With a base in Holstebro, Denmark, Black Box Dance Company tours with a variety of performances, consisting of small, large, youth, adult, new creation and repertoire pieces etc., both nationally and internationally. Under the artistic direction of Marie Brolin-Tani, the company has, since its birth in 2013, gained great momentum and success and is continuously expanding.

For the season of 2019/2020 the company will among other be creating and performing pieces by choreographers such as Ben Wright, Jason Mabana and Jung In Lee.

If you would like to learn more about the company please see the following mini-documentary:

Or see our latest trailer from “NO SEX – a world of gender” by Jason Mabana:

Contract periods: 27th of April 2019 – 25th of May 2019, August 2019 – November 2019 and February 2020 – April 2020.
This is a paid opportunity to keep with Danish salary regulation. Housing and transportation are also included in contracts.

How to apply

Send application email to

The following must be included:
• CV (as PDF-file) with full name, age, nationality, phone number, education, experience, and contact references.
• Direct links to video/dance footage/showreels in the mail. Please, no password, login or downloads required. (Make sure we can see you. Note that we will see them in the order they are listed, and may only see one if more are listed).
• Portrait picture (as jpg-file).

The audition is by invitation only. Those invited will all participate on Saturday the 1st of December. Hereafter at the end of the day, a selection will be made for those continuing onto Sunday the 2nd of December. Transport to and accommodation in Holstebro will be provided if continuing on to the 2nd of December.

All will receive notice by the 5th of November 2018.

For further information, please visit