Black Box Dance Company (Denmark): Audition for The Danish Girl


BLACK BOX DANCE COMPANY is seeking a professional dancer with personal insight to transgender and queer identity for the dance production of `THE DANISH GIRL´, choreography by TIM RUSHTON. Premiere in season 2021-22.

Where: Dansekapellet – Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 København NV Denmark
When: 25.10.2020 – 26.10.2020

Deadline for applications: 24.08.2020

BLACK BOX DANCE COMPANY is looking for a dancer for the lead role in the dance production of `THE DANISH GIRL ´, based on the novel by David Ebershoff from 2000, also known for the filmization hereof in 2015. Choreography will be by renowned choreography TIM RUSHTON.

*We are looking for an exceptional professional dance artist and performer that pertains personal and in-depth knowledge and experience of transgender and queer identity.

You must be passionate, versatile and poses a strong physicality, high level of technic and composition-improvisation skills, as well as an exceptional stage presence, dramatic ability, and artistry. You must be able to play a character as well as invest yourself to the role.

We greatly appreciate dancers who are dedicated, creative, curious, courageous, open, responsible, empathetic, and good colleagues and who enjoy artistic challenges and dynamic work. As a dancer, you will be part of a group consisting of 6 dancers and 1-2 apprentices. In addition to performing in the production, you will be required to take part in daily training, outreach and promotional work and understudy other roles in repertoire.

There in one available contract.  This is a paid opportunity in accordance to Danish state regulations. Accommodation is included in the contract.

Contract periods:

14.03.2021 –17.03.2021 &  29.08.2021 – 20.11.2021  &  1.02.2022 – 14.03.2022

*With Possible prolongation


With a base in Holstebro, Denmark, Black Box Dance Company primarily consists of professional dancers in the beginning of their careers who stay with company for approximately 3 years.  The company tours with a variety of performances, consisting of small, large, youth, adult, new creation, and repertoire pieces etc., both nationally and internationally. The company has, since its birth in 2013, gained great momentum and success and is continuously expanding.

If you would like to learn more about the company please see the following mini-documentary:

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To apply, send application as an email to . The following MUST be included:

• CV as PDF-file, with full name, age, nationality, phone number, education, experience, and contact referrals to former employers. CV must include portrait picture.
• Direct links to stream-video/dance footage/showreels in mail. Please no password, login or downloads required, it will not be accepted.
• Motivation letter, max 300 words, pdf or word-file
• Portrait picture (also as separate pdf-file).

Those invited will receive notice by the 7th of September 2020. The audition is by invitation only.

COVID19: Black Box Dance Company will uphold the at time guidelines mandated by the Danish authorities.

Contect details:
David Cornelius Price
Associate Artistic Director & Producer, Black Box Dance Company

*We are available to answer questions from the 5th of August 2020.