Call for Applications – Pitch Sessions | CINARS Biennale 2022 (Canada), deadline April 27


Tanssin tiedotuskeskus osallistuu CINARS-tapahtumaan yhteispohjoismaisella boothilla, jonne voi rekisteröityä mikäli valitaan ohjelmistoon. Et siis tarvitse omaa boothia.


CINARS offers a unique opportunity to display a work in progress in front of presenters, artists and agents taking part in the CINARS Biennale 2022. The Project Presentations allows 8 artists/companies selected by a jury to share information about a work in progress.

Artistic companies seeking partners for artistic collaboration, co-production, residency or any other type of partnership aimed at consolidating the project are invited to respond to this call.

A description of each of the selected projects will be featured in the CINARS Biennale 2022 official program, website and mobile app.

IMPORTANT : A $40 CAN fee will also be charged to process this application. In addition, selected artists/companies must register as an exhibitor with a booth, half-booth or table in the exhibition hall, or be registered as an additional exhibitor for the CINARS Biennale 2022.

To send your Application, CLICK HERE ››

DEADLINE: APRIL 27 2022, 23:59 (Eastern Time Zone)

OPENING FOR REGISTRATION SOON! Note that the registration for the presenters, exhibitors and observers for the CINARS Biennale 2022 and for the OFF-CINARS will open in June 2022.