Call for papers: International Dance Conference Nofod, Helsinki 12.-15.6.2019


Nofod järjestää 14:sta tanssintutkimuksen konferenssin 12.-15.6.2019 Helsingissä.

Call For Papers, deadline on 19.11.

 Practice, Participation and Politics

The aim of the 14th international dance conference NOFOD (Nordic Forum for Dance Research) is to explore dance practices in their participatory possibilities and political significances.

In the context of NOFOD, dance practices include both the fields of dance art in its various forms, dance pedagogy and dance research.

The participatory possibilities within each field may seem widely apart from each other but surprising entanglements and crossing points emerge.

Research practices may be academic, practice based and artistic based and of course combinations of all of these. In dance/research the most intriguing results are perhaps truly graspable when the knowledge from the research is intertwined with dance practice and the research is made within that practice itself.

Within different dance genres such as contemporary dance, breakdance, hiphop, folk dance, ballet and Bollywood etc.

More information:

The Nordic Forum for Dance Research, NOFOD, is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners. This it does by arranging seminars and conferences as well as spreading information through discussions, performances and publications on dance. The purpose of the organization is to enhance, empower and bring together diverse forms of dance research, knowledge and practice especially in the Nordic context.