Call For Presentations: New media and dance education


Dancing technologies: New media and dance education
Sept. 28.-30, 2017 in Tallinn

Call For Presentations

Proposals until March 5th, 2017 to

Response by March 15th

Participation fee (includes coffee breaks and lunch) 30 EUR

New media and virtual reality create challenges to dance education. Recordings (video) have started to take over dance teaching. While formerly video was a means of documentation and feedback, now it replaces a dance teacher.

How do digital media and video experience of dance change dance production and education, and how can we take advantage of the situation?
How does augmented reality change a society and how do these changes affect dance practice and education?
Virtual networks create new relationships between people. How do these relationships affect dance making and interpersonal dynamics in dance?
What are the relationships between digital media, with its potential for ”distracting” attention, the self-discipline needed for professional success in the performing arts?

We look for presentations dealing with:

– using new media and technologies in dance education
– using new media in dance performance,
– impact of new technologies on dance students’ behaviour,
– impact of new technologies on the creative process and its results

We prefer panel presentations-discussions – 3-4 people on a narrow subject (presentation on a theme with discussers on the given subject) 20min presentation + 40 min discussion. We also await practical workshops.

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