Call for professional dancers – Study about the relationship between emotions, training effectiveness, and movement quality


Emilia Kumpulainen (MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology student) is looking for dancers to participate in her study exploring the relationship between emotions, training effectiveness, and movement quality among professional dancers.
The experiment has been reviewed and approved by the Staffordshire University Research Ethics Committee and will be supervised by Dr. Stephanie Romano Smith (School of Life Sciences and Education at Staffordshire University).

The experiment will include participating in a physical fitness test, answering a short Sport Emotion Questionnaire, and reporting your dance training details (e. g. hours, content) for a period of 6 weeks. Depending on your random group allocation, you might be given additional instructions on how to deal with your emotions during the experiment period. The procedure will be conducted fully online and has been adjusted to support home training enviroment.

Participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to refuse to commence the testing or withdraw at any time in the proceedings without an explanation. All participants will remain completely anonymous throughout the experiment. You have the right to access the data collected from you by request, until after 10 years all data will be permanently discarded according to the university policy.

Participant requirements:

  • Strong demonstration of professional status (degree in dance or minimum 2 years of professional experience; company dancer or freelancer)
  • Currently active and able-bodied classical ballet or contemporary dancer
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Experiencing the current period emotionally challenging or distressing (what comes to e. g. motivation, training environment, job opportunities, personal finance, or the future of dance industry)

Potential risks:

  • Emotional distress (you might be asked to connect and embrace your negative emotions)*
  • Discomfort of physical exhaustion (we will challenge your limits to measure your accurate fitness level)**

Potential benefits:

  • Consciousness about your emotional state and its impact to your training
  • Accurate information about your current fitness level and competence
  • Scientific analysis about your physical & emotional development during the 6-weeks experiment period
  • Awareness of your current level of activity and productivity

Individual testing and reporting can be carried out in English or Finnish according to the participant’s preferences. Please send me an email to and I will provide you with more information. The experiment will start as soon as the required number of participants has been reached.

* All participants will be provided with a support contact in case they would like to discuss their well-being with someone in confidence. Participants will be also provided with instructions how to disconnect from their negative emotions after the emotion exploration.
** Participants will retain the right to stop the test at any point without an explanation.