Call for project proposals for OPEN SITE 5 (Japan)


Application Deadline: 24.3.2020 (Tue) (*JST)

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) is currently calling for project proposals for OPEN SITE 5, which will be held at TOKAS Hongo from November, 2020 to February, 2021.

With this program, TOKAS will strive to be a new platform for future art that creators from all genres to interact in the departments of Exhibition, Performance and dot. We covet your projects strongly motivated to present new sensation by using our space at TOKAS Hongo.

Application Overview
(1) Projects that can be realized using a space such as:
Exhibitions, Installations, Research presentations, Performing arts, Films and audio-visual works, Lectures, Symposiums, Workshops and any other projects which are related to above or combined projects.
(2) Projects which explores new expression/art/culture, and tries to open up to societies.
(3) Projects which are well structured and have unique originalities.

Format of presentation
A. Exhibition (Exhibition period: 26 days / Admission: Free of charge)
B. Performance (Execution period: About 6 days / Ticket price must be settled)
C. dot (Execution period: About 6 days / Admission: Free of charge)

Support by TOKAS
(1) Providing a space at TOKAS Hongo for projects for free of charge.
(2) Providing a subsidy for productions of works and projects as follows. (*Tax excluded)
A. Exhibition: 400,000 JPY
B. Performance: 200,000 JPY
C. dot: 100,000 JPY
(3) The ticket revenue of each project will be given as artist fee. (*Applies for format B)
(4) TOKAS Residency as accommodation for those who live overseas or in places far from Tokyo. (*Applies for format A and B)
(5) Assisting a part of PR and management of the project

Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan

Execution Period
(1) 21.11. (Sat), 2020 – 20.12. (Sun), 2020
(2) 9.1. (Sat), 2021 – 7.2. (Sun), 2021

Further information: