Clothing / performance Laboratory 6.-10.7. (The Netherlands)


Clothing / performance Laboratory facilitated by HobeLasai
This hands on five-day’s intensive workshop puts in dialogue performing arts and the field of clothing, textiles, and scenography. It seeks to offer participants a deeper understanding of the creative process as a whole, starting with the construction of the object (costumes, set design) and its implementation on the body and on stage; seeking to cross the borders in the position of the participants beyond their original disciplines, inviting them to generate an autonomous and versatile discourse.

Where: Remo studio, Slijperg 7 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
When: 6 to 10 of July, from 10h till 15h

Deadline for applications: till fill up (only 10 participants)

Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies. Textile research / performance strategies.

By studying the different layers of identity and performativity that textiles and clothing can bring; this inclusive and accessible workshop, will manipulate materials, and create spaces in order to build textile structures and body images that will invite the arousal of movement configurations; sonic and verbal manifestations.

This laboratory will provide and implement the following information:

– Introduction to the use of the sewing machine both as a sewing device and as music/sound mechanism.
– Manual processes of textile transformation (cutting, pasting, knotting, assembly).
– Introduction to pattern making and its relation to choreographic patterns
– The image that the textile produces in the body and its kinaesthetic development.
– Construction of the image in space, the cloth and its scenography potential.
– Physical and conceptual research. Codifying physical dialogues through presence, gaze and observation.
– Textual and vocal research from the garments and pieces created.
– Spatial & real time composition; collective geometries. Development of multiple attentions.
– Patterns of improvisation, implementation and performance.

We will look for the realization of experiential and emancipatory aesthetics, connecting in a work system artisan and phenomenological experiences and its appliance to devising theatre and choreography.

Special attention will be given to the concept of reuse and waste (recycling & upcycling of materials and ideas) and the reinterpretation and working with disused materials.

This is a resourceful lab for performers, theatre makers, choreographers, fashion designers, artisans of any kind, musicians and anyone interested in exploring the interlaced dynamics of clothing, set design and performance.

*Participants need to bring: scissors, smartphone (to make and crop pictures), notebook, second-hand clothes and/or inspiring materials (paper, cloth, plastic…) and comfortable clothes to move.

##### Clothing/choreography/Design/Recycling/Visual Language/Identity/Performance

laboratory faciliated by:
HobeLasai (Basque country / The Netherlands).
Multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation.

Tо register, reserve your spot and ask for more info sending a mail

Costs for participants: Costs: €250 (early bird till 31st May), €300 (normal)

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