Collaboration between the arts and health sectors: Open call for ideas! – dl 19 July


Can arts and culture improve our health and well-being? No doubt they can!

We invite organisations to submit ideas that explore how arts and cultural activities can be integrated into the provision of health and social care services. The proposals should engage specific target groups, for example, vulnerable populations, different age groups or patient groups.

The successful applicants will be offered workshops and mentoring to develop their ideas and will receive a grant to pilot the methodologies and implement project activities.

Project applications must be submitted by 19 July 2021. The project call and the application forms can be found here.

Please spread the word and watch out for more information on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels! You can register for the online info event about the Open Call on 2 June. Details about the event will be posted on our social media channels.

The project “The Art of Staying Healthy” was inspired by the recent WHO report which highlighted the important role of the arts sector in promoting good health, preventing mental and physical health challenges and supporting the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. It demonstrated that engaging in arts and cultural activities can reduce loneliness and isolation, increase social cohesion, strengthen individual and group identity and help to address social inequalities.