Course on music and sound in relation to dance making (Stockholm)


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This course explores music and sound in relation to dance making and choreography from historical, political, economical and aesthetic perspectives. The course is done in collaboration with Weld.

The course aims to deepen the understanding of the fields and its different genres by critically reflecting the independent art forms and how they work in parallel, interact, reinforce and support each other.

Choreographers and dancers make their own music, collaborate with composers and musicians, and use licensed music or samples music from open source distributers. Through expanded choreography you become your own musician. Music has always had a strong relation to dance, in different ways in different times.

Where are the critical perspectives on the use of music today? Often, common recognizable music is used as a democratic tool in performance. What does these choices mean in relation to the music industry and its commercial values?

Education startdate: February 28 2019
Education scope: 7,5 credits, ten weeks of half time studies
Teaching language: English
Study location: DOCH, Stockholm
Study pace: Half time
Responsible unit: Department of Dance
Application period: September 1 – October 15