Culture and Sharing Communities -konferenssi Kroatiassa 25.–28.5.


Early bird registration open for Trans Europe Halles Conference 25-28 May, Pula, Croatia
The TEH Conference, hosted by Rojc Community Center in Pula, Croatia is open for early bird registration.

The topic of the Conference is Culture and Sharing Communities.

No community can exist without sharing. What are the role of cultural centres in communities? How can practices of sharing foster artistic production, and build a more democratic society? How can cultural centres develop a culture of sharing and what are their role in changing paradigms for living? How can cultural and community centres, as places of sharing and imagination, become cradles of social innovation and Communities of Practices?

During three days we will explore potentials of community development. What can happen if we start sharing what we have more openly and trustfully? What new collaborative practices can we share?

Topics like sharing of spaces, co-working, co-living, co-producing, co-governing and similar will be on the agenda.

The conference will be shaped in community. You are most welcome to contribute to the sessions.
A vivid artistic programme will be offered as well as the possibility to join the Sunday Outing.

PLEASE NOTE that the conference starts at 10:00 on Thursday 25 May making 24 May the preferred arrival date.
Preliminary info about the programme, participation fees etc. is available here

The Conference is open to anyone interested.

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Trans Europe Halles

We look forward to seeing all of you in Pula!
The Trans Europe Halles and Rojc conference team