Dadadans (Denmark) is looking for partners to co-create CIRCUS LONELINESS


Dadadans is looking for partners to co-create CIRCUS LONELINESS by exploring the theme of loneliness together.


CIRCUS LONELINESS is a traveling choreographic show that takes loneliness seriously and reflects on it as it is – a condition that does not require (more) quick solutions, but long-term, empathetic attention. Sensitively and with humour the show dissects loneliness and lonely people.

CIRCUS LONELINESS is staged as a fairground consisting of many different attractions and installations amongst which the audience moves sometimes freely sometimes directed. The fairground is different in every location, because it is constantly transformed by the local community’s input. Their perception of loneliness is gathered through a series of workshops and woven into the performance.


How do we shape CIRCUS LONELINESS together?

dadadans has been working for four years with the issue of loneliness and its impact on the individual and society. We come to each partner with a bag full of choreographic and installation materials, a catalogue of building blocks that helps co-create a unique CIRCUS LONELINESS with each location.

In collaboration with each partner we run workshops with the local community, exploring with the participants the theme of loneliness and what it means to them. The expressions of loneliness generated through the workshops – be it installations, video, masks, dance and maybe something we cannot even imagine right now – are then merged with some of dadadans’ pre-existing materials to create together our unique CIRCUS LONELINESS.

It is the workshops’ results that determine which of the catalogue’s building blocks we are going to use in each final show. And this is why each CIRCUS LONELINESS is unique, as it grows out of the relationship dadadans has established with each partner and its local community.

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