Dancehall workshops with Classic Blazzaz & Sri Lanka Rifical 18.4. Joensuu


Saamme kaksi jamaikalaista dancehall-tanssijaa Joensuuhun pitämään tunteja. Tätä upeaa tilaisuutta ei kannata ohittaa!
We are getting two jamaican dancehall dancers to teach us in Joensuu. Don´t miss this opportunity!

Maanantai/Monday 18.4:
Klo 17.00-18.30 Sri-Lanka
Klo 19.00-20.30 Classic Blazzaz

60€/molemmat tunnit/both classes

Ilmoittautuminen s-postilla/registration by e-mail:

More info about the teachers:

Sri-Lanka is a Top Jamaican Dancehall Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor. He is the founder and CEO of Rifical Team Dancers. Creator of many Dancehall Steps including Srilanka, Crab Dem Up, Calm Dem Down, So Rifical, Old Man Saw, Luv Yuself, etc. As a solo dancer Sri-Lanka was nominated in DanceJa Awards as Male Dancer of the Year for 2011 and Dancehall Teacher of the Year for 2012. He started working on his teaching skills from 2011 where he would be the main dancehall teacher for the different Japanese dancers who visited Jamaica every month. He got his big break as a Dancehall Teacher representing DanceJa Team in 2012 when he travelled to St. Petersburg Russia for True Jamaican Camp (Cultural Exchange Dancehall Workshops and Seminars) along with 4 Jamaicans Andre Cosmic, John Bling Shelly and Latonya Style. Sri-Lanka also did workshops in Kazan during his trip. He got experience in teaching more than 6 workshops which included old school and new school dancehall steps and he was the judge for the battles. He showcased the raw, idiosyncratic, spiritual feeling of authentic dancehall dancing and everyone fell in love with his charismatic, electrifying and exuberant personality.

In Jamaica Sri-Lanka is highly respected and recognized as an Outstanding Dancehall Dancer. He is considered by many as one of the most popular, reliable, energetic, consistent and unique Street Dancers that has stepped out of his comfort zone and elevated to great undertakings. Sri-Lanka’s dream is to be able to sufficiently provide for his family and give back to his community by working hard as an entertainer, while representing his country as a cultural ambassador.

Classic Blazzaz is dancehall dancer, choreographer and teacher from one of the biggest dancehall groups in Jamaica, Sopreme Blazzaz. Classic has created some of the most popular moves by the group in the last years, including Smile and Naruto. Classic is known for his smooth style and has been touring and teaching in Europe for years. Classic is an energetic and talented teacher to inspire all of us!