Discussion 30.8. in Helsinki: Together? – working with children in performance


Context, processes, challenges

What does working with children in performances that are meant for a mixed or for an adult audience mean to contemporary performing arts artists? How are children presented/represented on stage together with adults? Work with children is not necessarily work for children. What are the political implications in work where children are on stage together with adults, and much more.

Thoughts, experiences, questions on the topic of working with children in performance work are addressed by our guests: Stefan Bläske (D/B), Sahar Rahimi (D), Martin Grünheit (D), Annika Tudeer (FIN) in a roundtable discussion with introductions by the artists about their work.

Together with the Goethe Institut Finnland, performance company Oblivia is organising the discussion event Thursday 30.8.2018 at 13–16 at the Goethe Institut, Salomonkatu 5, Helsinki.

The discussion is part of Oblivia’s Children and Other Radicals performance project where the company has worked together with a group of five youngsters on the topic of money and economic structures. The performances are during Helsinki Festival at the Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall, 29.–30.8. at 19.00.

Stefan Bläske is dramaturg at Institute for Political Murder founded by Milo Rau.

Martin Grünheit is a director. Die Biene im Kopf by Schimmelpfennig was made for children using virtual reality at Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin.

Sahar Rahimi is director, and performer in the company Monster Truck. The performance Sorry with five children from Nigeria is touring the world.

Annika Tudeer is the artistic director of and performer in the Helsinki based performance company Oblivia.

Registration: Please registrate by email to info@oblivia.fi by Monday August 27.