Download the publication Careers in the arts: Visions for the future


By Nadia Danhash, Kai Lehikoinen and Joost Heinsius

The NXT Project publication ”Careers in the arts: Visions for the future” is the culmination of 3-years of research and various activities co-funded by the Creative Europe programme and initiated and supervised by ELIA.

In this publication, Nadia Danhash and Kai Lehikoinen, both of whom were deeply involved in the project’s activities, reflect on some of the most relevant aspects of how to make a living from the arts from their own professional perspective. In addition, there are some insightful interviews with artists and their experience in the world of work after graduation and the creative solutions they have found.

The research and case studies by Joost Heinsius comprise a large part of the book; they give an interesting snapshot of the diversity of creative hubs. These are stories of higher arts education institutions and how they are dealing with the changing world of work for their students, as well as examples of independent creative hubs which often deal with young professionals.

Download the publication below (the PDF version):—careers-in-the-arts-visions-for-the-future

Published on 12 April 2018 at the NXT Seminar Making a Living in 2025 in Brussels.