Ecopolis Day 18.10. Talks & Debates about a sustainable future. Register to get access online.


ECOPOLIS = Talks, debates, performances, documentaries.

When: 18.10.2020


Anno 2020. Nature is on fire, from Australia to the Ardennes. Forests are felled, no more insects on the windshield, concrete everywhere, a million species are in danger of extinction. A virus turns the world upside down. The exploitation of nature is threatening our existence. Vulnerable groups here and in the South are facing even harder times.
How much longer do we saw off the very branch that supports us? Or do we change course?

Ecopolis 2020 puts the finger on the pulse and looks ahead. What are the post-corona challenges? How do we feel part of nature again? How do we restore the balance? How does this support a vigorous climate and nature policy? Which transitions are necessary ― urban, agricultural, etc. ― for a society that respects people and nature? And gives everyone prospect of a good life.

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You can follow Ecopolis live from your living room! A live stream ticket costs € 5.

Ecopolis is the perfect annual day to meet people who care about a sustainable future. Because ecological challenges knows no national or linguistic borders, Ecopolis is diverse, international and interactive.

Ecopolis invites Belgian and international authors to debate the transition towards a socio-ecological society. Inspiring books, documentaries and debates between writers, academics and civil society thinkers about ecology, economy and society are at the heart of Ecopolis.