Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: Contemporary Physical Performance Making | HAKU NYT, DL 31.1.2022


Estonian Academy of Music and Theatren kansainvälinen maisterikurssi esiintyville taiteilijoille, jotka haluavat kehittää ja haastaa praktiikkaansa. Haku auki 31.1. asti.

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: Composition and Improvisational Performing Arts / Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM)

CPPM was specifically created for performance artists from all creative disciplines who wish to develop, rethink and challenge their existing practice. There is no upper age limit and highly experienced performers and artists are strongly encouraged to apply. We will be accepting a maximum of 18 students every two years so that we can give our full attention and support for the entire duration of your studies.

Admission Schedule

Application deadline – 31 January 2022
Auditions – March/April 2022
Audition results – 1 May 2022
Accepting your place on the course – 20 May 2022
Course commencement – 22 August 2022

Entry Requirements

To be considered for the programme, you must have:
An undergraduate degree. This will ideally be in a relevant performing arts discipline, however, other undergraduate degrees may be considered if you can provide a sufficient portfolio of previous creative practice and experience. Preferably three years of relevant professional experience.

Application Form

All applications should be submitted online via Dream Apply Estonia platform. The deadline for submitting the online application is 31 January 2022. You can start, save, edit and return to your application at any time before the submission deadline. Please note that we cannot accept any applications received after the deadline. All applications will be responded to by the 5th of February. However, we endeavour to contact applicants as soon as possible following their application submission to allow travel arrangements to be made.