Exile Today – Production Residencies for Artists (Germany)


Starting in 2020, Körber-Stiftung and Kampnagel Hamburg are awarding production residencies focusing on the theme of ‘Exile Today’. The residency programme will run for three years with a call for proposals each October. Two residencies will initially be awarded for the 2020 production period, with three to follow each year in 2021 and 2022.

The residency aims to support the production or creation and subsequent performance of either new stage works or existing works adapted for the local context in the genres of theatre and performance or dance. Production and performance will take place at Kampnagel Hamburg or, in the case of a site-specific work, at a location within the City of Hamburg.

Consideration will be given to artistic projects that deal with exile from a contemporary perspective. The work should reflect personal experiences with political repression, resistance, persecution, displacement or expatriation; positive or negative experiences with relocation and adaptation to the country of exile; questions of personal identity and belonging: and the development of political, activist or artistic potential and associated problems in the country of exile.

Against the backdrop of Germany’s historical responsibility to protect those who face persecution, the work should also consider political and theoretical aspects of the social significance of exile and the situation of exiles in their country of origin and country of exile.

The call is aimed primarily at artists with personal experience of exile. Applicants should be independent artists or groups and not permanently associated with an institution. Awards will be made to artists working with innovative aesthetics and formats in the genres of theatre and performance or dance.

Each selected project will be provided with the following support:

A grant of up to €25,000 for the production and presentation of the work of theatre, performance or dance at Kampnagel Hamburg or a site-specific work performed within the City of Hamburg. This grant can be used to fund the project in its entirety or to complement existing funding. Where additional sources of funding are included in the proposal, they must have already been secured at the time of application.

Use of a rehearsal stage at Kampnagel for a period of one to six weeks for development, creation and/or adaptation of the chosen project.
Where required: transport of all necessary artistic personnel to and from Hamburg.
Where required: accommodation for all necessary artistic personnel for the duration of their work in Hamburg.
Technical support in creating and realising the production by Kampnagel Hamburg.
Support by Kampnagel curators/dramaturgical staff.
Two proposals will be selected for 2020, with the first to be premiered in August 2020 at the Kampnagel International Summer Festival and the second in October/November 2020 at the start of Kampnagel’s 2020/2021 season.

Deadline: 7 December 2019

Lähde: on-the-move.org