Festival of Thrift: ‘One Beautiful Moment’ Call for Artists (Online)


The Festival of Thrift is the UK’s national festival of sustainability. Usually taking place over two days in Kirkleatham near Redcar on the North East coast, this hugely popular festival celebrates the joys of a climate-friendly way of life. Families, fashionistas, foodies, upcyclers, recyclers and eco-warriors are amongst the thousands who flock to the festival each year to make, eat, play, share and learn through a host of activities and entertainment.

Alongside the main festival, VIEWPOINTS by Festival of Thrift returned for a second year in 2019 and presented a programme of temporary public artworks across the Tees Valley in response to the theme of ‘clean air’. In light of the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in, this year’s VIEWPOINTS commission will take a different approach. Although a large-scale festival is off the cards for 2020, the Festival of Thrift team are working hard to develop new ways of connecting with their communities online and through other routes.

The organisers are inviting artists to propose work for ‘One Beautiful Moment’, an event to launch the festival on the weekend of Saturday 12 September 2020. The work must have the ability to be presented online, and they are particularly interested in formats that include a live participatory element. This, however, does not rule out proposals that are entirely digital, as long as it can be demonstrated that they are impactful and engaging. Artists are asked to respond to the broad theme of future sustainability, to be interpreted in whichever way they see fit. Artworks can be new commissions or the presentation or adaptation of existing works providing they fit the context and the brief.

As this project will primarily be delivered online, it is open to artists and individuals worldwide, provided that the brief is properly considered and met.

The festival will commission one piece of work with a budget of up to £1,000 (+VAT if applicable). The commission total is inclusive of all artist fees, material and/or additional software costs associated with the creation and engagement of the work.

Deadline: 10 July 2020


Lähde: on-the-move.org