Festival Vides Deja is looking for site-specific dance performances (Latvia)


Festival VIDES DEJA  invites choreographers who want to stage site-specific dance performances or body installations by integrating them around Līgatne.

Invites professional choreographers:
1) who wants to create a solo, duet, or trio performed by professional dancers;
2) ready to work with a significant number of dancers,  involving residents of the local community and dance enthusiasts in the performance.

Choreographers will have the opportunity to collaborate with professional musicians and dance dramaturgs.
The theme of the 2021 “VIDES DEJA” festival is CONNECTIONS.
(forms and values; motives and actions; systems and individuals; nature and technology; impulses and influences; causes and consequences; signals and results;)

The festival will take place in Latvia, Līgatne, 26.07.-01.08.

Here is application form: https://videsdeja.lv/pieteikties/

( at this moment the form is in latvian)

-The festival provides accommodation and meals.
Fees. Curating. Performance technical support.
Artists have to cover their international travel expenses.
Choreographers are also welcome to send to the festival program dance performances and dance films made in the last two years. The artist’s work should be adapted to different venues and environments and correspond to its theme. The desired duration of creative work is from 20 to 60 minutes. The application must include the following information: work annotation, time, what kind of place/space is desirable for perfoormance, the necessary technical equipment – technical rider, address to performance link, preferred fee.

Please send the information to email: videsdejai@gmail.com